What Are The Benefits Of Using An Air Walker Exercise Machine?

Air walkers are quite similar to elliptical machines but usually don’t have the same level of flexibility.

The motion of these machines position you upright and allow for long, smooth movements, much like walking or light jogging.

Although they may seem quite basic, they do have some surprising advantages over the more “complex” elliptical machines out there…plus they tend to be cheaper!

Exercise on an Air Walker Exercise Machine

Air walkers offer a low-impact form of aerobic exercise. Unlike other types of trainers, they place less resistance on your joints, and are a great alternative to walking or jogging.air-walker-exerciser-ce94f

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults should aim to do a minimum of 3 hours, low resistance exercise per week. This helps prevent obesity related diseases, lowers cholesterol and of course, keeps your heart healthy.

Depending on your weight, this form of low-impact aerobic exercise can burn a surprising amount of calories.

Just 1 hour of exercise on an air walker exercise machine can burn;

  • 360 calories for someone who weighs 165 lbs
  • 450 calories for someone who weights 200 lbs
  • 530 calories for someone who weighs 240 lbs

Note” Although an hour might seem like a long time for people who are not physically fit, these types of machines are usually very easy for people to get used to. This isn’t an hour of high intensity rowing or sprinting, so it’s a great way to lose weight.

More Rigorous Workouts

As already mentioned, although they offer less flexibility than typical elliptical machines, they do allow you to change form and “up the tempo”.

These machines usually come with ski rods, or poles which slot into either side of the machine. When installed, you can use these to exercise your arms and upper body and you swing through each motion. Keeping your posture in an upright position will also help maintain a strong core, and most people find they also burn fat from their abdominal area too.

Less Strenuous Exercise

The great thing about these machines is that they aren’t too “tough” on your body. As your feet never leave the platforms, this means that you aren’t pounding your feet and joints on a hard surface. Much like running or jogging. It gives a realistic and long lasting form of exercise to people who have suffered physical trauma or even suffer with diseases. In fact, if you visit a physical rehabilitation centre, you’ll almost definitely find an air walker.


The machines fold up as well making it super easy if you live in a small space such as a condo or apartment. They usually fold small enough to be stored in a cupboard or under the bed, so there really isn’t any need to have a whole work out area in your home; just unfold it when you need it, and store it back in it’s space when you’re done!