Cardio Klenz

Cardio-Klenz…Is It Really Worth The Money?

In this article we are going to look over the product Cardio-Klenz…should you hand over your money? Find out more below.

What is Cardio klenz?

This is a dietary supplement that is designed to strengthen your heart and cardiovascular system through a targeted blend of beneficial ingredients.

As we get older, our blood vessels start to become restricted through a build up of hard plaque. When this plaque breaks away from the walls of our blood vessels and arteries, the end results can lead to heart failure, stoke and in some cases even death!

Now we are not claiming that this product is a miracle cure for those who worry about dying prematurely, but the ingredients definitely help prevent health issues which could possibly put you in an early grave!

Here are some of the reasons why people suffer from strokes and heart attacks;

For people over the age of 40, the risk of heart attack and stroke increases dramatically due to the build-up of hard plaque on the blood vessel walls.

Sometimes, this plaque can break away and cause a blockage in our arteries, leading to stroke or heart attack.

The Cardio-K product helps cleanse the blood vessels and break down this build-up of hard plaque before it rises to dangerous levels.

It also helps increase the strength of the heart and function, consequently increasing blood flow and delivery of oxygen to the vital organs and also the brain.

If you already know about the company X-tend life that produce Cardio-Klenz then you may have heard of the product Total balance; upon first glance you might not be able to spot the difference between these two products.

Now the good thing about both of these products and the company behind it is that they do not try to convince you that one is better than the other.

The total balance range (there are currently 7 types, now in the 6th generation), is designed to be a “super-vitamin” supplement that caters for your cardio-vascular system, as well as various other aspects of human health.

So, what is the difference between Total Balance and C-K?

Well, the Cardio-K formula is designed to give a boost to those who are concerned about this aspect of their personal health. The company does not simply throw these products together and whack a label on them; the formulas are researched by Professor Dr. Munem Daoud PHD and continually improved based on scientific research and consumer feedback.

The Cardio Klenz product is now in its second generation and before long, we expect to see another generation hit the shelves.

Is it safe?

The great thing about the health supplements manufactured by this company is that they use “all-natural” formulas. This includes herbs, and also vitamins extracted using natural processes.; other companies tend to use petrochemical processes- see here for more info on this process.

Now, it doesn’t mean that side-effects are non-existent as we can quite clearly be allergic to natural substances as well. You can ingest this supplement as part of a combination with other supplements, but if you do have any concerns then they will be happy to answer your questions.

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