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Exercise, Healty Diet And Cardio Supplements

Let’s be honest, when we are young we live life by the day, we rarely think about the consequences that fast food, smoking and drinking will do to our heart.

However much older folks try to warn you not to make the same mistakes they did it rarely sinks in until it is too late. Then once we start to experience problems in later life we regret our youth and try and pass on the same messages to our kids and younger generations, who more often than not hold the same attitude we did when we younger, a viscous circle ensues.

Hopefully if you are reading this you are one of the guys or gals trying to break this circle, trying to ensure your heart stays in the best possible health so you can live a long and heart trouble free life.

Because here I will show you two key facts that will send shivers down your spine:

Heart Disease Kills 7 Times More People Than The Next Biggest Cause Of Death. It Kills More People Than All Cancers Added Together

Scary right?

Just think about these facts the next time you go to a fast food restaurant to buy a burger or light up your next cigarette.

Avoiding Heart Problems

  • Quit Smoking
  • Only Drink In Moderation (although they say red wine is good for the heart)
  • Regular Exercise
  • Watch Your Diet

All of these are important if you wish to maintain a healthy heart, but the most vital one involves what you eat.

Meats – Most meats are fine as they hold a low-fat content, however pork, ham and bacon hold a higher level of fat and should be avoided or at least eaten very rarely.

Fish – High fat fish includes bass, salmon, trout and butterfish and should be eaten in moderation. Poultry – Of the poultry range try to avoid duck and goose, chicken is fine though.

Dairy – Anything with whole fat milk is high in fat and shouldn’t be eaten. Eggs – The yolks of eggs are high in fat content too. Bread – Go for fat free breads or whole grain. Anything else really should be eaten sparsely.

Desserts – Anything that has ingredients including egg yolks, lard or butter is off the menu. Ice cream again is unfortunately not good for your hearts health. All of those forms of food will also have benefits for us, but for the heart they are no good if regularly consumed. We are not suggesting you give up these foods totally; you just need to regulate and keep things in moderation.

On The Flip Side Now that we have told you what to avoid we need to tell you what should be in your body, well obviously fruit and vegetables is a good place to start. The key point here is that your body and its heart need the correct nutrients to be able to function at their premium levels; this is where cardio supplements can help.

Cardio supplements, such as Cardio Klenz, can work alongside a healthy diet and just fill in the holes in your diet in regards to vitamins and minerals. If you’d like to research further into supplements that help your cardiovascular and overall health of your heart, DHA Supplements are also very popular and come with some great benefits to your health and well-being.

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