Cholest-Natural- Better Than Prescription Drugs??? Find Out Here

As many of us know, maintaining normal levels of cholesterol is vital for our health. Cholest-Natural is a product which helps lower these levels through a natural formula of herbs and other ingredients.

If you have had problems with high cholesterol, then your doctor may have already prescribed you pharmaceutical drugs; as many people know, they often come with adverse side-effects…so you are sometimes left with a choice between high cholesterol, or sickness and nausea! Nasty!

The X-tend life company specializes in natural health products, that cater for a market of individuals who experience side-effects from the drugs and medications that we typically get over the counter.

The product targets your cholesterol in numerous ways including;

  • The prevention of cholesterol hardening in the blood vessels; this can lead to strokes and/or heart attacks
  • Lowers the absorption rate of cholesterol in your digestive system
  • Inhibits cholesterol production in your body
  • Helps dissolve cholesterol fats in your blood
  • Reduction in the oxidization of cholesterol


So, does it actually work?

As with both prescription and natural drugs and medicine, the results generally vary from person to person. However, the ingredients used in this product show clear and concise evidence of being beneficial for people with high levels of cholesterol.

Some of the ingredients in this product include;

  • Vitamin E
  • Chromium
  • Tea Theaflavins
  • D-Limonene
  • Pumpkin seed oil
  • Rice bran oil

Another beneficial aspect of this product is the fact that it doesn’t contain shellfish, gluten, dairy products or peanut.

The product is actually derived from Soy and makes it a safe option for those who have these types of allergies.

Now just like every other product we feature on our website, this article is constructed to provide you with straight-up, clear information without all the sales pitch.

So, let’s take a look at the company behind the product; “no hype”, we promise.

The X-tend life company is based in New Zealand and produces a wide-range of natural health products for people around the world.

The consumer feedback on the company and their products has been very positive and we feel this is down to a few important factors listed below;

Every order made over $60 awards their clients with FREE shipping

All products are backed by an incredible 6 month guarantee; this in itself is a reflection of the confidence they have in their own products.

All products are formulated using natural ingredients backed by scientific evidence of the benefits towards human health.

The customer service is “hands-down” second to none

Is this product right for you?

Before you do consider this product, we recommend that you carefully go through the ingredients.

There is no 100% guarantee that this product will work for you, however the ingredients used in the formula ARE proven to be beneficial for those with high levels of cholesterol.

With a 6 month guarantee, and minimal chance of any side-effects, this is probably the best product we have seen compared to other similar products on the current market.

To find out more about this product from the manufacturer, hop on over to

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