DHA Supplement

Should I Take A DHA Supplement?

You may be quite surprised to learn just how many of us are deficient in the essential omega 3 fatty acids. In fact, 8 out of 10 of us do not consume enough of them for our body! Shockingly, this is why a DHA supplement is so vital for us – because these fatty acids cannot be produced by our body and need to be digested.

A Little About What DHA Is… DHA or Docosahexaenoic acid is one of the essential omega-3 fatty acids. In fact, it may be the most beneficial of the 3 acids for brain health.

Omega-3 is found in some of the food we consume, but the highest levels by far are found in fatty fish.

The omega-3 we can buy in supplements will almost all come from fish because the quantities in other food types are so low. DHA is essential mainly for our brain and our liver, though it is used by all of our organs.Salmon DHA

Our brain is in fact made up of 40% of DHA, and the worrying factor is that we don’t naturally produce this ourselves. This means the only way we can get enough DHA is through the consumption of fish. However, we would need to eat it every day and in quite large amounts to get the real health benefits of this essential fatty acid.

What If We Don’t Have Enough DHA?

If we lack DHA for long enough it can induce: High Cholesterol levels Loss Of Vision Sleep Disorders Heart attacks and strokes We can also be more likely to suffer with mental disorders such as depression and ADD, and in later life – more prone to Alzheimer’s. So with a DHA supplement the saying is true “prevention is better than cure”

What Are The Benefits Of A DHA Supplement?

During Pregnancy – Women who are pregnant are always advised to take these supplements (this is because they have to have enough DHA not just for themselves, but for the baby’s too). DHA will also give the baby a better chance of being born fully developed. (This fatty acid will also help to prevent postpartum depression, premature births as well as pre-clampsia).

Children – A DHA supplement can also be very beneficial for children. Because they are still developing both physically and mentally, the fatty acid can give the child much improved hand/eye coordination, vocabulary skills, mental sharpness and a stronger immune system!

Keeps Our Arteries Clear – DHA is also an excellent antioxidant and can keep our arteries clear by killing off all the free radicals in our blood.

Reduces Inflammation Harbouring unique anti-inflammatory properties, DHA is excellent for reducing inflammation (inflammation is the cause of many of the disease we suffer). The fatty acid may also work well to help prevent against conditions such as arthritis, reducing the inflammation of the joints and reducing the pain.

So as you can see, using a quality DHA supplement shouldn’t really be a matter of choice and more of a necessity. The health benefits are known to be excellent, but it’s what can happen if you have a deficiency that should be more of a concern.

A DHA supplement should be part of your daily supplement routine, especially if you value good health and a life full of longevity….which of course we all do (Or should do!).

OUR FEATURED OMEGA 3 FISH OIL — The Source We Use Ourselves…

When choosing an effective DHA Fish Oil Supplement, you should always look our for these key factors:

•The fish the oil comes from should always be sourced from clean unpolluted oceans.

•For consistent quality, only a special ratio of certain fish should be used…

•The fish oil must be further purified… A technique called “molecular distillation” is the only acceptable method of processing today in the industry.

•The fish oil product should have a certificate to prove the purity and all ingredients used – often known as a certificate of analysis.