Neuromins-DHA For Vegetarians?

Is there such a thing as DHA supplements For Vegetarians?

DHA usually comes from fish which means that some vegetarians do not want to use oils such as those, so is there another option?

You will be happy to learn that there is another alternative, brands such as Neuromins which source their DHA from Algae.

Vitamins And Nutrients For Vegetarians

As vegetarians it can often be quite difficult obtaining all of the vitamins and nutrients we miss out on by not eating meat, poultry and fish. We do have options though through supplements and more and more of these are actually becoming vegetarian friendly.

DHA (docasahexaenoic acid) is a fatty acid from the omega-3 family and is extremely important for our whole body.

DHA supplements will normally be sourced from deep sea fish like tuna and salmon, this makes it unusable for non-fish eating vegetarians. However brands such as Neuromins have found another way to get hold of that much needed DHA fatty acid, they obtain it from the same place fish do…algae.

What Are The Benefits?

  • DHA is used for the functionality of most of our organs, and has many benefits for each of them.
  • Can Reduce The Risks Associated With Heart Disease.
  • An Excellent Anti-Oxidant That Can Clear Out Free Radicals Within Us.
  • Can Decrease The Risks Of Developing Mental Disorders Such As Depression And ADD.
  • A Natural Boost To Our Immune System.
  • An Anti-Inflammatory Which Can Relieve And Treat Symptoms Of Inflammatory Related Conditions Such As Arthritis.
  • Excellent For Our Vision And Is A Building Block For Our Tissue.
  • Vital For Assisting The Development Of Unborn Babies.
  • Reduces The Risk Of Post Natal Depression And Premature Birth.
  • Additionally it is good for our skin, hair and nails which is why you often see it included in products related to those issues.
  • Can relieve symptoms of stress and make us feel mentally sharper as well as improving our memory.

DHA is the most prominent of all the acids found in Omega-3 and has been known as a brain food, this is because our brain requires more of it than many of our other organs.

Our brain is essentially made up of 1/3 of this acid, and this acid needs replenishing. Our body does not naturally produce it so digestion is our only option. This is why brands such as neuromins are important for vegetarians, who do not want to eat fish, and to be honest would need to eat it every day to acquire the RDA of DHA.

Sourced solely from algae this DHA is a perfect choice, and is high in quantity and purity of the DHA too.

For your safety only look for supplements that use molecular distillation, this is a purification method which cleans the oils of all of the toxins which could have been picked up by our polluted seas. Neuromins uses such a method confirming that the products are risk free and will give you the benefits which are advertised.